Fullaverde Wax-Stick: mosquito repellent at its best

  • made from high-grade waxes
  • free from fragrances, dyes and preservatives
  • vegan formulation
  • waterproof
  • eco-friendly cardboard packaging
  • 100% plastic free
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Fulltec biocidal active substances from Austria

Based in Salzburg - successful in Europe. Fulltec is characterised by the typical Austrian blend of a love of nature, a spirit of research and a flair for genuine innovation. The Salzburg experts are among the most sought-after B2B suppliers in the international biocidal active substance sector and supply processors and brand manufacturers in more than 30 countries with the sophisticated products for eliminating annoying pest infestations.

Fulltec biocidal active substances: In use for humans and animals

The declared aim:

to find, research and notify the most effective and compatible biocidal active substances against pests and annoying insects. With the biocidal active substances Eucalyptus citriodora oil h/c and geraniol, Fulltec has been a pioneer in successful insect control for over 20 years.

The active substances are used in many different areas:
  • as repellents against mosquitoes and other annoying insects
  • as pet care products to protect pets from parasites
  • as deterrents against dogs, cats, martens, snakes and snails
  • as household insecticides
  • as moth repellents
  • as head lice products to supplement the product range

Why so many manufacturers trust in Fulltec

The broad product range of concentrates and finished products is unique on the European market. At the same time, Fulltec customers benefit directly from the scientific data and knowledge from the active substance dossiers - essential for the marketing of biocidal products in Europe.

Fulltec biocidal active substances: Inspired by nature

Fulltec products are mimics of plant building blocks. Plants also protect themselves from pests with essential oils. That is why Fulltec has focused its research and development of biocidal active substances on Eucalyptus citriodora oil (h/c) and Geraniol. With these active substances, manufacturers can meet the desire of many end users for "green" but at the same time highly effective solutions for pest repellent and pest control.

ECHA active substance list proves efficacy

Eucalyptus citriodora oil (h/c) and Geraniol are included in the ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) list of active substances and suppliers.

At Fulltec, manufacturers and processors can find the biocide Eucalyptus citriodora oil (h/c), which is in the notification process at ECHA according to Article 95, for the following product category.

PT 19 (repellents and attractants)

In addition, the Fulltec biocidal active substance Geraniol is in the process of notification to ECHA (under Article 95) for PT 18 and PT 19.

Our business segments

EC Oil Notification

Fulltec GmbH notifies the biocidal active substance Eucalyptus citriodora oil (EC Oil (H/C)). (formerly also known as p-menthane-3,8-diol (PMDRBO))

Geraniol Notification

Fulltec GmbH notifies the biocidal active substance Fullagreen IGC (also known as Geraniol) for PT18 & PT19 Insecticides, Acaricides and Repellents.


Fulltec GmbH develops biocidal products based on natural and nature-based biocidal active substance as well as medical products class 1 (pediculocides).


Fulltec GmbH produces biocidal products (repellents, insect control, pet care) and pediculocides as concentrates, premixes, bulk and finished products.


Fulltec GmbH supplies unique biocidal products throughout Europe and internationally, as concentrates, premixes, bulk and finished products.

Consulting & Support

Fulltec GmbH is happy to advise you on the development and registration of your products. Fulltec will gladly assist you with regulatory and organizational work.

Fulltec GmbH - Milestones:

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