Product name: Fullaway Ant Stop Spray BoV
Active Substance: Geraniol
Capacity: 400 ml
Packaging: Bag on Valve
Weight incl. packaging: 420 g
Haltbarkeit: 3 years
Packaging unit: 12 pieces

Instructions for use:

Use only according to instructions. Misuse can lead to health risks.

For controlling ants spray Fullaway® Ant Stop from a distance of about 10 cm directly onto them or onto a cluster of ants. (please notice the number of pumps!)

Repeat application if necessary.


  • ready to use spray against ants in indoor and outdoor areas
  • also effective against spiders and other annoying arthropods
  • sustainable effect (efficacy builds up, insects withdraw and die)
  • convenient use
  • pleasant scent
  • suitable for use in the house, balcony, terrace and garden on paved surfaces
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