Effective head lice control.
Acute and preventative.

Head lice have always been a part of human life. Even today‘s high hygienic standards haven’t gotten rid of head lice. On the contrary our modern lifestyle contributes to an increasing and more frequent spread of head lice mainly amongst children. Head lice infestation is therefore not a question of social or ethnic affiliation or personal hygiene - anybody can get head lice and nobody should be ashamed of. However it is important to get rid of the undesirable parasites as quickly as possible to prevent a further spread.

For many years Fulltec has been intensely involved in the research and practice of a comprehensive control of head lice. Today Fulltec products are available in many European countries in thousands of pharmacies and offer the user reliable help in the elimination and prevention of head lice infestations.

The excellent tolerability of the products is based on the use of modern raw materials and absolutely no chemical pesticides. Due to the physical effects of the active ingredients used, as opposed to chemical-synthetical products, the development of resistances can be basically ruled out. It goes without saying that Fulltec products are clinically tested with appropriate methods to guarantee their effectiveness.

The comprehensive combat against head lice infestation includes a wide range of measures. With the help of Fulltec‘s competent products every lice problem can be simply and lastingly solved.

Fullsan Dual-Phase Shampoo
Fullsan Trimeticon Acute Spray
Fullsan Trimeticon Acute Spray BoV
Fullsan Protector Spray
Fullsan Textile Spray

Fullsan Product Folder

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Übersicht Fullsan Kopflaussortiment

  2 Phasen Shampoo Trimeticon Akut Protector Spray Textil Spray
Akute Bekämpfung x x    
Präventive Bekämpfung     x  
Bekämpfung in der Umgebung       x
Dimeticon x x    
EC Öl (H/C)     x  
Geraniol       x
Medizinprodukt x x x x
Biozid     x x
klinisch geprüft x x    
im Labor getestet x   x x
tötet Nissen und Larven x x   x
frei von Pestiziden x x x x
keine Resistenzbildung x x x x
geeignet ab dem 1. Lebensjahr x x x  
geeignet für alle Haartypen x x x  
mit Nissenkamm x x    
3 Jahre MHD x x x x
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